Science Mastery and STAAR® Review Program

Deepen Scientific Understanding and Support Science Mastery
Developed to the Science TEKS in Texas

Learning science takes exploration. Mastering TEKS takes practice. The Summit K12 Science Mastery and STAAR Review Program, which includes Concept Boosters™ and Vocabulary Boosters™ provides interactive video lessons and tutorials developed to the Science TEKS.

Use the program with grades 3-8 and high school biology for whole-class instruction — in person or remote — and then assign skills practice and video tutorials to support each individual student’s pathway to mastery. Our patented 5th and 8th grade STAAR and Biology EOC Review process is so effective we guarantee a 100% STAAR® passing rate for all students!

Ensure TEKS Mastery and Success on the Science STAAR®

Our animated videos bring science concepts to life and engage students in learning. Built to the TEKS, each video mini-lesson explains a concept using high-quality visuals and also provides students with strategies for remembering what they’ve learned. All of the Readiness and Supporting TEKS and Scaffolded Standards for 3rd-8th grade and biology are covered in the video collection.

Use the videos for whole-class instruction and to provide students with opportunities for self-paced individual learning plans.

Preview a Mini-Lesson

TEKS 5.6A, Uses of Energy

TEKS 8.11A, Abiotic and Biotic Factors

Biology TEKS Mini-Lessons

Summit K12 provides rigorous STAAR reviews for both 5th and 8th grades and the Biology EOC. Lesson plans, student study guides, video review lessons, vocabulary review, and STAAR-formatted assessment questions are included for each TEKS. Our patented 5-step Science STAAR Review Process and Plan follows a strict sequence that results in deeper learning.

1. Teacher-guided
visual mini-lesson

2. 1st attempt at STAAR
formatted quiz

3. Self-paced
TEKS re-teach video

4. Vocabulary
and mastery

5. 2nd attempt STAAR-
formatted quiz

Our unique STAAR Review Plan Generator creates a custom 30-day plan for each class and can even create an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for each student that targets which TEKS they need to practice most, in the precise order they should review them. This patented process dramatically improves Approaches, Meets and Masters Levels on STAAR.

Showing students what a scientific word means helps them develop understanding and retain words. Vocabulary Boosters offer students practice identifying and using content, process, thinking words, and science tools vocabulary. Online, interactive flashcards are available for:

  • K-8 Science TEKS, plus Biology TEKS
  • K-8 Science plus Biology Process Vocabulary
  • K-8 Science plus Biology Tools Vocabulary

Monitor Student Progress Towards Mastery

Teacher and Administrator dashboards provide robust reports that track student progress on science process skills, vocabulary words by TEKS, and STAAR-formatted assessments on a campus-wide, class-wide, and an individual level. All Readiness, Supporting, and Scaffolding TEKS are included.

STAAR® is a federally registered mark owned by the TEA. Neither Summit K12, nor any of its courses or modules which support students with STAAR® Readiness are not sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with the Texas Education Agency.

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Easy Set Up. Exceptional Support.

With our streamlined on-boarding process, teachers and students can begin using our programs quickly. Once our implementation team receives your class rosters, they can have your classes completely set up within 24 hours. Our professional development team is also available year-round for web-based and on-site teacher training.

Summit K12 integrates with Clever, Classlink, Rapid Identity, Enboard, Microsoft Azure, and many other platforms for Single Sign-on (SSO). We support rostering for all platforms.

STAAR® Science Mastery Guarantees, 5th-8th Grade and Biology

For 5th-8th Grade, we guarantee that all Students will pass the annual Science STAAR® Assessment as measured by the Science STAAR® PLD (Performance Level Descriptor – Approaches, Meets, and Masters).

For Biology, we guarantee that all Students will pass the annual spring Biology STAAR® EOC Assessment as measured by the Biology STAAR® EOC PLD (Performance Level Descriptor – Approaches, Meets, and Masters).

Please click the “Learn More” button below for further requirements and details.

We also recognize schools for exceptional growth on state science assessments and teaching excellence with our annual Summit Club Awards.

What Educators are Saying about Summit K12

As a Science teacher, I am particularly qualified to know how potent of an intervention Summit K12 is. I know the best way to catch up and hopefully surpass expectations is to engage in planning beyond a year. We accelerate fidelity when teachers know it's not going away. They will roll their sleeves up a bit faster when we convey the process is under contract for years ahead as opposed to an experimental mindset. It has worked, is working and will work for us at Lewis. ~ Science teacher, Houston ISD (TX)
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
Thank you so very much. I appreciate you and your commitment. The training was great. Everything was relevant and useful to our teachers. I look forward to seeing our students move to the next level. ~ Assistant Principal, Fort Worth ISD (TX)
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
Best ESL curriculum in Texas

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