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From English learners, multilingual students, bilingual students and dual language learners who are struggling to read or write, Summit K12’s online, standards-based supplemental curriculum will close gaps and ensure growth for all students.

What Makes Summit K12 Programs So Effective?

competition for abiotic and biotic factors
Connect to Literacy Virtual Mirror
Vocabulary Boosters Geography Video
Collective Nouns
Compound Sentences
Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases
Personalize Learning Pathway
STAAR Review Process
Vocabulary Boosters
Vocabulary Boosters
Rio Grande City CISD TELPAS Growth
Dovalina Elementary Case Study
Sugar Mill Elementary Case Study
Harlingen CISD TELPAS Growth
TELPAS - Students Progressing 1 Proficiency Level
TELPAS - Students Progress
Rio Grande City CISD TELPAS Highlights
Summit K12 Built to Texas TEKS
Engaging Science Activities
Interactive vocabulary flashcards
Engaging item types
Summit Club Rankings
Young boy with headphones
Girl distance learning
School computer lab
Students in masks using tablets
Teacher distance learning
Student in an online class
Progress monitoring report
TELPAS Listening-Speaking Readiness Class Report
TELPAS Progress Report
TELPAS Speaking Readiness Student Report
Progress monitoring report
Progress monitoring report
Progress monitoring report
Progress monitoring report
English Language Proficiency Growth Guarantee
Science Guarantee
Harlingen CISD TELPAS Growth Highlights
Rio Grande City CISD TELPAS Growth Highlights
TELPAS Growth Report
TELPAS Growth Report
TELPAS Growth Report
Case Study: Dovalina Elementary
Case Study: Sugar Mill Elementary
Rosering options
Single Sign On
Teacher Training Schedule
Synchronous Training

The Summit K12 Product Suite

Accelerated Literacy and Language Development
Connect to Literacy
Summit K12 Science Solutions
Vocabulary Boosters
As a Science teacher, I am particularly qualified to know how potent of an intervention Summit K-12 is. I know the best way to catch up and hopefully surpass expectations is to engage in planning beyond a year. We accelerate fidelity when teachers know it's not going away. They will roll their sleeves up a bit faster when we convey the process is under contract for years ahead as opposed to an experimental mindset. It has worked, is working and will work for us at Lewis. ~ Science teacher, Houston ISD (TX)
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
After only a few weeks working with Summit K12, I have seen a wonderful change in my students' disposition towards reading. They are more eager to become independent learners. They are using the skills, not only in their ELA classes, but also in their other core classes. The information we gathered from the pretest allowed students to have a better picture of their growth. ~ ESL Specialist, McAdams/Kranz J.H., Dickinson ISD (TX)
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
Best ESL curriculum in Texas

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