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Summit K12 Product Information and Offerings

Whether you are teaching ESL, dual language, bilingual, or multilingual students, Summit K12 has everything you need to make your job easier while ensuring your learners are developing and reaching their English language learning goals.

If you are teaching in California, Texas, or any of the approved WIDA states, we can help your English Language Learners who are struggling in any basic learning area through Summit K12’s online, standards-based supplemental curriculum.

Below you will find links to specific resources which include:

    • Texas English Language Development
    • California English Language Development
    • WIDA English Language Development
    • Vocabulary Flashcards for All Subjects
    • Texas Supplemental Science
    • Texas K-12 2024 Dynamic Science Adoption
    • Texas Reading Language Arts Mastery

Texas English Language
Development Resources

California ESL resources

California English Language
Development Resources

California ESL resources

WIDA English Language
Development Resources

Vocabulary Boosters
Development Resources

Texas Supplemental
Science Mastery Resources

2024 Dynamic Science
K-12 Adoption Resources


Texas Reading/LA
Mastery Resources

What Educators are Saying about Summit K12

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