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Science curriculum 2024 Texas state adoption resources

Summit K12’s groundbreaking 2024 Adoption Science Curriculum is designed to revolutionize the way Science is taught in Texas. Our innovative, engaging, and hands-on curriculum is here to support educators and students with the most advanced Science resources available.

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Teaching Science through Phenomena using the 3D Model

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Scientific and
Engineering Practices

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Recurring Themes
& Concepts

Hands-on Investigations
and Virtual Labs 

Comparative, Descriptive, and Experimental Investigations to engage students and support sensemaking.


Includes Summit K12 Lab Guides built to the 2024 Science TEKS.


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Kate the Chemist
K-12 Video Series

In this exhilarating collaboration, Summit K12 has teamed up with UT of Austin Professor and bestselling Science author, Dr. Kate Biberdorf, to deliver an electrifying collection of K- 12 science labs, investigations, and demonstrations.

• Teacher Pre-Lab Videos: demonstrates setting-up the lab, including her personal tips

• Student Pre-Lab Videos: explains the most important parts of the lab manual to students so they are prepared when they approach the bench

• Full Length Virtual Science Lab Videos: for students who missed the lab, and for labs that are cost prohibitive or use hazardous materials

K-12 Texas Virtual Field Investigations

ALL students will investigate local phenomena throughout dozens of the most popular state parks and engineering marvels in Texas.

The Summit K12 TEKS-based Virtual Field Investigations video series has been created specifically for the 2024 Texas Science Adoption.


Concise and Complete Teacher Supports

• Lesson Guides
• Scope and Sequence
• Pacing Guides
• Reports and Dashboards
• Anchoring Phenomena Table
• Home to School Connection
• TEKS Lesson Guides
• Lab Guides
• Image Bank
• TEKS Lesson Videos
• Formative Assessments & Item Bank
• Addresses Misconceptions 

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High Quality TEKS Videos & Lessons

100% of the Science Content TEKS and SEPs include high quality Lesson Videos


Assessment Bank

Allows you to create assessments on demand using content and items student have never seen before.

Image Bank

  • 500-1,000 images per grade level/subject
  • Minimum 15-25 images per TEKS
  • Images for all SEPs Vocabulary Words
  • Images for all Science Tools Vocabulary

Vocabulary Mastery

TEKS Content Vocabulary I Science Tools Vocabulary I
SEPs and Science Process Vocabulary I Instructional Words I
Science Cognates


Patented Vocabulary Mastery Process allows students to focus
on reading and learning the context sentence and rather than memorizing images.
Science Literacy

Seamlessly Blend the 2024 Science TEKS, SEPs, ELAR TEKS, and ELPS into single Science-Literacy lessons

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Over 200 Science-Literacy E-books in K-8 Created
Specifically for the 2024 State Science Adoption

      • Written to the 2024 Science TEKS, RLA TEKS, SEPs, RTCs, and ELPS
      • Includes Science/RLA study guides, Lesson Guides, & assessments
      • Extend science instructional minutes during the RLA class
      • K-12 Spanish-English Science Cognates organized by grade level & categories
      • Cross-curricular passages in 3rd-5th grades covering the RLA and Science TEKS & STAAR blueprints
      • Newcomer foundational Science-Literacy skills supporting 13 different home languages
      • Science Writing including C.E.R. prompts and the NEW STAAR Short-Constructed Response items

K-8 Dual Language Supports

Built specifically for the Texas Effective Dual

Language Immersion Framework

      • Lesson Guides
      • Phenomena and 3D Teaching and Learning
      • Lab Investigations
      • E-Posters
      • TEKS Concept Mastery Videos
      • Formative and Summative Assessments
      • Interactive Flashcards
      • Science Literacy Resources
      • Science Cognates Module

High Quality Print Materials

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