Our Approach

Help All Students Reach Their Full Academic Potential

Wherever students are on the learning continuum, Summit K12 solutions provide the standards-aligned, evidence-based practice and review resources to help them improve their skills, deepen their understanding, and make significant gains in learning.

Here’s How We Do It:

We Focus on Supporting Effective Instruction

Teachers can use Summit K12’s online programs for whole class and small group instruction as well as to provide targeted, individualized review and practice. Whether students are struggling to master concepts or are accelerated learners, Summit K12 allows teachers to differentiate instruction easily, enabling all learners to work at their own pace and meet learning standards, regardless of their skill level or learning style.

Supporting Effective Instruction
Engaging Content

We Keep Students Engaged and Motivated

Research has shown that engagement plays a critical role in self-motivation and overall educational success. Our combination of interactive activities, high-quality graphics, and recognition for achievement makes learning fun and fulfilling for students while encouraging them to work towards mastery. Summit K12 also provides opportunities to review and practice concepts, creating personalized learning pathways that support and
accelerate learning.

We Provide the Data Educators Need to Guide Instruction

Our comprehensive reports supply the real-time data educators need to inform instruction and keep their pulse on each student’s learning trajectory. Class-wide, school and district-level reports provide insights into the effectiveness of Tier I instruction and progress towards standards mastery so teachers can adjust instruction and interventions to close gaps quickly.

We Guarantee Growth in Proficiency and Performance

Our programs are evidence-based and designed around proven pedagogy to help millions of students achieve standards mastery each year. We know our programs work, which is why we guarantee a 100% Science STAAR passing rate for all students. We also provide a guarantee that all English learners will improve by at least one proficiency level per year with just 30-60 minutes of work with our Connect to Literacy™ program each week.

What Educators are Saying about Summit K12

Thank you so very much. I appreciate you and your commitment. The training was great. Everything was relevant and useful to our teachers. I look forward to seeing our students move to the next level. ~ Assistant Principal, Fort Worth ISD (TX)
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
The Summit K12 personnel are amazing. They are highly motivated and a phone call away, ready to answer any question. ~ ESL Specialist, McAdams/Kranz J.H., Dickinson ISD (TX)
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
Best ESL curriculum in Texas

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