Accelerated Literacy and Language Development

Accelerated Literacy and Language Development

Accelerate Learning and elevate TEKS Writing Skills Development as we prepare students and teachers for the new R/LA STAAR that integrates Revision and Editing Skills into the 3rd-8th STAAR assessments. Enable students to master the Writing Skills TEKS each week as grammar and writing skills are taught. Provide Differentiated Instruction and Scaffolds to lower grade-level lessons enabling all students to engaging in the on grade-level, rigorous TEKS content.

  • TEKS Writing Skills video lessons, practice, and assessments
  • Progress Monitoring Assessments that mimic the new STAAR Blueprint
  • Professional Development that aligns to and complements all Writing Programs (i.e. Lucy Calkins, Jane Schaffer)
  • Grade-level ELAR Skills development and Word Study – High-Frequency Words, Antonyms, Synonyms, Homophones, Homographs, Homonyms, Connecting Words, Abstract Nouns, Idioms
  • Dual-Language Spanish Version available in 3rd-5th Grades – built to the SLAR TEKS

Help Students Progress At least One Proficiency Level

Mitigate the risk of falling behind in Domains 1 and 2 and widening the GAP in Domain 3 as we transition to new, more rigorous STAAR Assessments in grades 3-8, English I, and English II. Provide research-based pretests, interim benchmarks, and summative assessments that mimic the new R/LA STAAR and enable teachers and administrators to accurately monitor progress and make timely adjustments during the year. Formative assessments targeting the new revision and editing skills enable teachers to make provide targeted interventions and support student mastery.

NEW Reading Language Arts (R/LA) Assessments
  • Pre-tests, Interim Benchmarks, Formative and Summative Assessments for 3rd-8th, English I & II 
  • K-8th and English I-II Writing Skills Lessons, Practice and Assessments including Revising and Editing
  • Formative Assessments include the 5 NEW STAAR Item Types coming in 2022-23

Accelerate TEKS Writing Skills Development

Elevate Teacher and Student Writing Skills Practice and Mastery through the TEKS Writing Skills Section of the course.

  • Video lessons, practice, and assessments covering the NEW K-12 Writing Skills Grammar TEKS
  • Revising and Editing formative assessments included with each TEKS lesson

Enable Students to Mastery their ELAR TEKS Academic Vocabulary

  • Covering 100% of the TEKS and STAAR Academic Vocabulary Words K-English II
  • Seamlessly integrates to your scope and sequence – organized by Cluster, Subcluster, and TEKS
  • Engaging, Visuals and including audio support and language scaffolds
  • Patented Vocabulary Mastery Process
  • Reports to track student progress toward mastery in every TEKS