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   Accelerate English Language Acquisition

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Developed specifically for the CA ELD standards, and including grade-level CA-CCSS standards in Language and Listening-Speaking, Connect to Literacy offers more than 2,500 practice items modeled after the 11 Unique ELPAC Listening and Speaking item types.


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ELPAC Readiness – Language Foundation Skills, Written Language Course, Oral Language Course

Ensure your K-12 English Learners are making steady progress toward their English Language Proficiency (ELP) goals as measured by their ELPAC and ELPI levels. Using the Connect to Literacy online English Language Development and ELPAC Readiness program, English Learners will confidently progress at least one proficiency level per year and/or be ready to become Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP).

With interactive, engaging video lessons written to the CA English Language Development (ELD) standards, CA-CCSS ELA standards, and aligned to the ELPAC item types and Performance Level Descriptors, Connect to Literacy supports growth in all four language domains in just 45-60 minutes of practice per week.


ELPAC Review and Readiness
Language Foundation Skills

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ELPAC Review and Readiness
Written Language Course

ELPAC Written course California WIDA resources

ELPAC Review and Readiness
Oral Language Course

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