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2024 State Science Adoption
Grades K-12, High School Biology, Chemistry, Physics, & IPC


Summit K12’s groundbreaking 2024 Adoption Science Curriculum is designed to revolutionize the way Science is taught in Texas. Our innovative, engaging, and hands-on curriculum is here to support educators and students with the most advanced Science resources available.

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Meet The Dynamic
Science Team

Science curriculum 2024 Texas state adoption resources

Dynamic Science
Grades K-2nd

2024 texas science adoption K-2 resources

Dynamic Science
Grades 3rd-5th

3-5 dynamic science 2024 texas state adoption

Dynamic Science
Grades 6th-8th

6-8 grade texas adoption science resources

Dynamic Biology
High School

2024 state adoption biology resources

Dynamic Chemistry
High School

2024 science adoption texas resources

Dynamic Physics
High School

2024 physics science adoption texas

Dynamic IPC
High School

2024 dynamic science adoption texas resources

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