Michael Claypool: A Creative Mind Behind Summit K12’s Dynamic Science Program

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The strength of our Dynamic Science curriculum comes from our partnership with Science authors and editors all across Texas. That’s why we’re introducing our Meet the Authors’ Series so you can get to know the people who created our unique Science content for Texas learners.

Our third interview is with Michael Claypool. Michael is an innovative science educator with nearly a decade of classroom experience, and we’re so excited to share this interview between Robyn Shulman and Michael Claypool today.

Robyn Shulman: Michael, can you share a bit about your background?

Micahel Claypool: I am an innovative science educator with close to ten years of classroom experience.

Shulman: How would you describe your expertise in education?

Claypool: My expertise in education is developing narrative-driven Science content to promote knowledge acquisition, critical thinking skills, and learner agency. As a science author at SummitK12, I leverage my classroom experience to create engaging and effective educational resources.

Shulman: What part of the 2024 Texas State Science Adoption did you create?

Claypool: I was on the Middle School Science team, which allowed me to work with Summit’s 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Dynamic Science Curriculum.

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Shulman: What was your favorite part about creating the Dynamic Science Curriculum?

Claypool: My favorite part of creating the Dynamic Science Curriculum was working with a team of fantastic educators. Each team member brought innovation, teaching experience, and a passion for education that is seen in the final product.

Shulman: What advice would you give to teachers who use Summit K12’s new Dynamic Science program?

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Claypool: The Dynamic Science Curriculum offers something for everyone by offering a variety of tools in each lesson guide. I would suggest evaluating each lesson guide to determine which of Summit’s tools fit your teaching style and address the specific needs of your students. Then enjoy teaching your unit!

Shulman: Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. We look forward to more of these great interviews!

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