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Accelerate Science Teaching & Learning With Our Dynamic, Engaging, & Effective Product Suite For All Science Learners

Summit K12’s New 2024 K-12 Science Adoption Curriculum Is The Premier Science Curriculum Meeting All Texas’ TEKS.

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High School Biology, Chemistry, Physics, & IPC

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100% Passing Rate Guarantee

School Domain 1 Science Score of 60% “A” Guaranteed

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Summit K12, we believe in the following:

  • Equity and Access for all Texas Students.
  • Teachers are the key to success in Science Education.
  • Differentiation and Acceleration are the new normal.
  • Learning Science Content during RLA is imperative.
  • Vocabulary Mastery in Context is a Cornerstone of Successful Science Teaching and Learning.
  • Student Engagement and Hands-on Inquiry are catalysts that ignite the passion in Science Education.
  • Delivering a Science Curriculum Built for Texas is what our students and teachers expect and deserve.

Dynamic Science Course Design

What is The Accelerated Teaching and Learning Framework for Science?

Accelerated Teaching & Learning Framework

Accelerated Teaching and Learning Framework for Science

Premise #1: Every aspect of this Framework accelerates learning for students while simultaneously reducing work for teachers and administrators

Premise #2: The Framework keeps Teachers at the center of the Teaching and Learning process

Premise #3: The Framework is organically developed for Texas and designed to achieve Equity in every Science Classroom

Achieving Equity Through:

  • Evidence-based Instructional Best Practices
  • Master Teacher Lesson Modeling and Micro-PD
  • Personalized, Adaptive Learning Plans
  • Formative Assessments and Vertically Aligned Scaffolds
  • Content-based Language Instruction (CBLI)
  • Cross-curricular Science Literacy Instruction
  • 3-Dimensional Differentiated Instruction
  • Optimized Dual Language Delivery Models


Accommodations, Accessibility, and Designated Supports

Summit K12’s Dynamic Science Courses are built to the 2024 Science TEKS, SEPs, and ELPS. Our STAAR Resources will mimic the 2025-2026 Blueprints and online test experiences as they are released by the TEA. 

Supporting the TEA Accommodations, Accessibility features, and Designated supports are an essential component in supporting our vision of providing Equity for all students. These solutions, along with built-in, vertically-aligned scaffolds and differentiated learning tools, enable you to confidently support 504, Special Education, and Emergent Bilingual students in compliance with state guidelines – representing 36% of Texas K-12 students.

Accommodation Resources:

Accessibility Features

  • Bilingual Dictionaries
  • Reading Assistance for Short-Constructed Response Items
  • Notepad
  • Highlighter
  • Zoom feature
  • Bookmark questions
  • Answer Eliminator for MC/MS items

Designated Supports

  • Calculation Aids – Digital Calculator
  • Content and Language Supports
  • Individualized Structured Reminders
  • Spelling Assistance
  • Supplemental Aids
  • Mnemonic devices
  • Graphics and State Approved Formulas

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Dynamic Student Engagement

Dynamic Science Student Engagement Example

The Dynamic Science Engagement Platform

The Dynamic Science Platform includes dozens of different ways to engage and motivate students.

Each course includes hundreds of opportunities to provide engaging content, videos, animations, interactives, simulations, virtual labs, virtual field investigations, interactive Flashcards, interactive questions, engaging STEM career exploratory activities, interactive Science Literacy eBooks, Interactive study guides, Avatars, and Student Top 10 tables.

Dynamic Science Student Engagement

  • TEKS Videos and Animations
  • Interactive Digital Flashcards
  • Digital Avatars to track student progress
  • Student Top 10 tables
  • 4 Levels: Class > School > District > State

Students at each grade level can strive to be on one of several top 10 tables at the Class, School, District, and State levels.

Top 10 Categories Include:

  • Concept Mastery Points achieved
  • Vocabulary Mastery Points achieved
  • Science Process Skills Points achieved
  • Science Literacy Points achieved

Interactive Learning Activities

  • Engaging Science Literacy Interactive ebooks
  • New STAAR 2.0 Item types
  • Interactive Study Guides
  • Interactive Science Cognates Lessons and Practice

Science Labs

  • Engaging STEM Career Explorations

Dynamics Science Teaching & Learning

Concept Mastery

Where Teaching & Learning Take Place

Concept Mastery Blueprint

Step 1: Formative Assessment 1

Step 2: TEKS Video Lesson

Step 3: Vocabulary

Must Score at least 80% on the TEKS Vocabulary section in order for Formative Assessment 2 to unlock

Step 4: Formative Assessment 2

Formative Assessment 2 is a completely different set of items from Formative Assessment 1

Concept Mastery Approach

The Concept Mastery Approach is a rigorous process teachers follow in order to help each student master both the Concepts and the Academic Vocabulary

Vertically-aligned scaffolds are built into the Teacher’s Guide and Student tables to differentiate and accelerate student learning and mastery

All content is organized by Category and by TEKS, making it easy to follow any scope and sequence 

Concept Mastery Offerings

Includes over 40 graphic organizers

– Some are lesson, theme, or category specific

-16 generic templates 

Dynamic Science Teaching & Learning Resources

Science Videos & Animations

videos and animations

Science Video Example

 What We Offer

High Quality TEKS Lesson Videos and Animations bring Science to Life!

  • 100% of the Science Content TEKS and SEPs include high quality Lesson Videos
  • The course also includes Lab Investigation Videos and Texas Virtual Field Investigations Videos
  • 100% of the Videos were created by Texas Science Educators and authors along with a team of Professional Documentary
  • Film Editors and storytellers specifically for the 2024 K-12 Science TEKS 
  • Videos are closed-captioned

Assessment Bank

Dynamic Science Assessment Bank

Unique set of items from the thousands of pre-set formative and summative assessment items already included in all of the lessons and assignments

Allows you to create custom assessments for students across the following parameters:

  • Length of the assessment (# questions)
  • Item types to be included: Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Drop Down, Short Constructed Response, Multipart, or Text Entry, or ”all” at the ratio of 75% Multiple Choice, 25% mix of the other item types
  • Number or % (i.e. 40%) of dual-coded items to include
  • Specific TEKS to include on the assessment
  • Allows you to create assessments on demand using content and items student have never seen before on any of the other Concept Mastery TEKS formative and STAAR practice assessments
  • Includes all of the STAAR 2.0 item types
  • Allows you to customize the length, the TEKS to include, the number of items, the % of dual-coded items to include, and the item types
  • Automatically creates class and student level reports

Create Your Own Assessments

Image Bank

Image Bank Example

What We Offer

  • 500-1,000 images per grade level/subject
  • Minimum 15-25 images per TEKS
  • Images for all SEPs Vocabulary Words
  • Images for all Science Tools Vocabulary

Differentiation & Acceleration

Summit K12 Dynamic Science Design Differentiation and Acceleration are at the heart of everything we do. As our content teams begin to write a course for a specific grade level, they consider content vertically aligned one grade level above and scaffolded content at least 2 grade levels below. We create a comprehensive on grade level course, but embed the appropriate lower grade scaffolds and extension activities to support differentiation and acceleration.

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STAAR® Readiness Course

STAAR® Readiness Course

STAAR® Readiness Course Features

Full-length STAAR Practice Test

  • 40% dual-coded, and at least 25% NEW HB3906 items
  • Includes short constructed response (SCR) items
  • Includes all assessed Readiness and Supporting standards

Personalized Learning Plans for each student

  • Dynamic vertically aligned scaffolds
  • High Quality TEKS Lesson Videos and Academic Vocabulary Mastery Sequence 

Class STAAR Review Plans for each class period or block

  • 5-step, rigorous, patented STAAR Review process

*insert 5 step review process from brochure 

Learn More About The STAAR® Practice Exam

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Texas HB 4545 Accelerated Learning Course

HB 4545 Accelerated Learning Course

HB4545 Courses are included in the 6th Grade and High School courses 

    • 6th Grade includes the HB4545 Science Course with 5th Grade TEKS Content 
    • High School courses include the HB4545 8th Grade or Biology course content

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Scientific and Engineering Practices

Scientific and Engineering Practices

SEPs Embedded In All Lessons

What We Offer

Scientific and Engineering Practices are embedded within ALL Lessons

The SEPs are embedded within every Dynamic Science Lesson and articulated in the TEKS Lesson Guides.

The course also includes a dedicated section where teachers can access SEPs specific lessons, practice, and activities that cross all TEKS lessons.

Texas Virtual Science Field Investigations

Texas Virtual Investigation Example

What We Offer

  • Coming soon

Science Lab Investigations

Science Lab Investigations Copy

Science Lab Investigations Example

Science Literacy

Differentiated Science Literacy

Differentiated Science Literacy

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Differentiated Science Literacy

Enhance Science Learning and Mastery in 3rd-5th Grades

Seamlessly Blend the 2024 Science TEKS, SEPs, ELAR TEKS, and ELPS into single Science-Literacy lessons

  • 110 leveled Non-literary texts 3rd-5th Grades
  • Science-Literacy books written specifically for the 2024 Science and 2017 RLA TEKS, the 2024 SEPs, and the ELPS
    • 2017 RLA Non-literary TEKS | 2024 Science TEKS | 2024 SEPs
  • Content Based Language Instruction
  • Assessments in both Disciplines:
    • Science TEKS Content Assessment with 2024 Science STAAR 2.0 items
    • RLA TEKS Comprehension Strategy Assessment with 2024 RLA STAAR 2.0 items

Having students learn and reinforce their science content TEKS during their RLA block deepens their understanding of the content, while providing more robust and rich non-literary cross-curricular reading comprehension skills development.

Seamlessly Blending the 2024 Science, 2017 ELAR TEKS, SEPs, and ELPS into a single Science-Literacy lesson packs a lot of learning into a compressed period of time with little additional effort.

Differentiated Science Literacy is one possible answer to how we expand Science Instruction into 2 Blocks by enriching the RLA block with the 2024 Science Content standards, while better preparing students for the RLA STAAR 2.0 which will include 2024 Science TEKS content in their Informational Passages.

Vocabulary Mastery

Patented Vocabulary Mastery Process

  • Accelerate Academic Vocabulary Development
  • Help students learn and retain TEKS and STAAR vocabulary with 15,000+ K-12 visual, interactive online flashcards.
  • Content, SEPs, Science Tools, and Instructional Vocabulary Words
    • VB Dynamic Images and context sentences vs. memorization

Summit K12’s Vocabulary Boosters™ take traditional flashcards to the next level with:

  • Audio support
  • Engaging visuals
  • A patented, interactive process that ensures student mastery of all TEKS and Science STAAR academic vocabulary
  • Mastering Science Academic Vocabulary in Context is essential for success in Science and on the STAAR assessment

Summit K12’s Dynamic Science courses enable students to master all four different types of Science Academic Words:

  • TEKS Content Vocabulary
  • Science Tools Vocabulary
  • SEPs and Science Process Vocabulary
  • Instructional Words (i.e. words in the directions on STAAR or in Labs)
  • Plus the added bonus of the Science Cognates for Emergent Bilinguals

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Vocabulary Mastery Example

Dynamic Science Writing

Dynamic Science Writing Example

Dynamic Science Writing

The Dynamic Science Writing Program Includes:

  • The Dynamic Science Courses includes 48 Differentiated Science Writing Prompts in 3rd-5th grades and 64 in 6th-8th grades to develop student skills in writing Short Constructed Response (SCR) Items with custom embedded rubrics
  • The STAAR Practice Test include SCR practice items
  • The courses also include dozens of writing prompts for modeling and giving students experience with the CER “Claim, Evidence, Reasoning” style of writing (only for high school)
  • We include copies of the CER Graphic Organizer and RUBRIC

Looking for More Dynamic Science Resources?

Our Dynamic Science Curriculum Also Includes In-Depth Teacher Resources.

These resources include: Graphic Organizers, Science Cognates, Newcomer Resources, and Cross Curricular Resources.

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Your customer support is the best and fastest. Program Director, Aldine ISD (TX)
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
After only a few weeks working with Summit K12, I have seen a wonderful change in my students' disposition towards reading. They are more eager to become independent learners. They are using the skills, not only in their ELA classes, but also in their other core classes. The information we gathered from the pretest allowed students to have a better picture of their growth. ~ ESL Specialist, McAdams/Kranz Junior High, Dickinson ISD (TX)
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
Best ESL curriculum in Texas

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