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Differentiation & Acceleration

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Summit K12’s New 2024 K-12 Science Adoption Curriculum Is The Premier Science Curriculum Meeting All Texas’ TEKS.

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Differentiation and Acceleration

Summit K12 Dynamic Science Design Differentiation and Acceleration are at the Heart of Everything We Do.

Differentiation and Acceleration

As our content teams begin to write a course for a specific grade level, they consider content vertically aligned one grade level above and scaffolded content at least 2 grade levels below.

We create a comprehensive on-grade level course but embed the appropriate lower-grade scaffolds and extension activities to support differentiation and acceleration.

  • All Courses are designed with Differentiation and Acceleration in mind
  • Lower Grade, vertically aligned scaffolds
  • Personalized Learning Plans for each student
  • Class-level Optimized STAAR Review Plans
  • TEA Accommodations, Accessibility Tools, and Designated Supports provide to support select students
  • Differentiation and Acceleration are Keys to achieving Equity


  • TEKS Vertically Aligned Scaffolds
  • Differentiated Science Literacy eBooks
  • Differentiated Science Writing Practice
  • Special Education and 504 Accommodations and Designated Supports
  • Second-Language Acquisition Support for all Emergent Bilingual Students
  • Personalized Learning Plans and Class STAAR Review Plans


  • Accelerated Resources, Projects, and Extension Activities
    • Efficiently review lower grade level, vertically-aligned scaffold lessons as needed to Differentiate and Accelerate Instruction
  • Differentiation and vertically aligned resources for Students
  • TEKS Formative Assessments
  • TEKS Video Lessons
  • TEKS Academic Vocabulary Mastery

Differentiation and Acceleration Example

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Your customer support is the best and fastest. Program Director, Aldine ISD (TX)
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
After only a few weeks working with Summit K12, I have seen a wonderful change in my students' disposition towards reading. They are more eager to become independent learners. They are using the skills, not only in their ELA classes, but also in their other core classes. The information we gathered from the pretest allowed students to have a better picture of their growth. ~ ESL Specialist, McAdams/Kranz Junior High, Dickinson ISD (TX)
Best ESL curriculum in Texas
Best ESL curriculum in Texas

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