Texas 3rd-5th Grade Science Curriculum

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Summit K12’s New 2024 K-12 Science Adoption Curriculum Is The Premier Science Curriculum Meeting All Texas’ TEKS.

  • Summit K12 is thrilled to announce our new 2024 Adoption Science Curriculum to support Texas with the most innovative, engaging, and hands-on Science curriculum. 
  • The 2024 Science Adoption is revising Science standards that will be implemented at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in Texas.
  • Summit K12 is taking learning and teaching Science in Texas to the next level. School districts can quickly meet the new TEKS Science requirements through the 2024 Curriculum adoption in alignment with Summit K12’s product suite.
  • The new Science approach is a three-dimensional (3D) approach for teaching Science in Texas.

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K-2 Showcase

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3-5 Showcase

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High School Biology, Chemistry, Physics, & IPC

High School Biology

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High School Chemistry

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High School Physics

High School IPC

Summit K12 Offers A 100% Passing Rate Guarantee In Domain 1 – 60%


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Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Science

What We Offer

  • Vertical alignment and vertically aligned scaffolds covering 1st grade through High School
  • Texas Specific Virtual Field Trips
  • Science Lab Videos with Kate the Chemist
  • Personalized Learning Plans
  • Animations, Simulations, and Virtual Labs
  • Student Engagement – Avatars and Mountain Peaks
  • Vocabulary Mastery, TEKS Videos
  • High-quality, Engaging Videos Created by Well-Known Producers
  • Short Animations and Videos that Bring Science Concepts to Life
  • Supplemental Animation Videos
  • Videos range in length from 2 ½ – 10 minutes

Evidence-Based Reasoning & Phenomena Based Learning

3rd – 5th Grade Science

What We Offer

  • Texas Specific Virtual Field Trips
  • Science Lab Videos (Kate the Chemist)
  • Vertically-Aligned Scaffolds
  • Animations, Simulations, and Virtual Labs
  • Student Engagement – Avatars and Mountain Peaks, VB Mastery, TEKS Videos
  • Accommodations for All Students
  • Pre and Post Assessments
  • 5th Grade STAAR Full Practice Exam Review
  • Personalized Learning Plans for each student individually
  • Personalized Learning Plans for whole classrooms to meet necessary TEKS’ standards per class

Recurring Themes and Concepts & Vertically Aligned Scaffolds


Middle School Science

What We Offer

  • Science videos aligned with new Science Curriculum and TEKS
  • High-quality, engaging videos for 100% of the 8th-grade TEKS in all 4 reporting categories
  • Supplemental animation videos
  • Videos range in length from 2 1⁄2 – 10 minutes
  • Patented STAAR Review Process
  • Full-Length Practice STAAR Review Exam for Grades 5 and 8
  • Practice Exam Contains Rigorous questions, Consistency, and the Same Number of Items as the STAAR exam
  • Personalized Learning Plan for Students
  • Personalized Learning Plans for Whole Classes
  • Accommodations for All Students

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High School Science

What We Offer

  • For Science, we offer activities and lessons in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, IPC, and Environmental Systems
  • Videos, Interactives, & Virtual Labs
  • Partnership with Colorado State University for Simulations
  • High-quality, engaging videos for 100% of the Biology
    TEKS in all 5 reporting categories
  • Hands-on virtual labs and Interactives
  • Scientific and Engineering Practices (SEPs)
  • Vertically Aligned Scaffolds
  • Biology curriculum is 100% aligned to TEKS and ELPS
  • Hands-on Activities and Investigations
  • Rigor and Relevance in Every Lesson Guide
  • Accommodations for All Students
  • Patented STAAR Review Process
  • Full STAAR Practice Exam
  • Personalized Learning Plan for Students
  • Personalized Learning Plan for Whole Class

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Meet Kate the Chemist

Meet Kate the Chemist


Sample Text about Kate the Chemist:

Dr. Kate Biberdorf is a chemist, science entertainer, and professor at The University of Texas. Through her theatrical and hands-on approach to teaching, Dr. Biberdorf is breaking down the image of the stereotypical scientist, while reaching students who might otherwise be intimidated by science. Students’ emotional responses, rather than rote memorization of facts, are key to Biberdorf’s dynamic approach to her program, as well as science in general. Her exciting and engaging program leaves audiences with a positive, memorable impression of science—all while diminishing the stigma around women in science. She has appeared on The Today Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, NBC Nightly News, The Wendy Williams Show, The Rachael Ray Show, The Nick Cannon Show, and Late Night with Stephen Colbert.

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STAAR Review Exam

How We Address The Importance Ongoing Assessments

Learning Science takes an open mind, the curiosity to explore, and a great understanding of the world and Science phenomena around us. Mastering new Science TEKS takes time as we adapt to a new Science curriculum.

For assessment, Summit K12 reviews the past five years of students’ scores to analyze and create the best plan for each student and each course.

Students and teachers receive three pillars of support after taking an assessment: a personalized learning plan, a whole class personalized learning plan, and ongoing engagement working with the teacher.

This three way plan provides the student with a chance to work at a self-paced level, with his peers in the classroom, and along with teachers who can assist in working with students who lack in certain Science content areas.

Our assessments include frequent and strategic opportunities to monitor, evaluate, and respond to student progress, with a focus on the development of appropriate grade-level content and skills.

The Summit K12 2024  STAAR Review Program, which includes Concept Boosters™ and Vocabulary Boosters™ for our new Science curriculum also provides interactive video lessons and tutorials developed to meet the Science TEKS.

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Meet Our Science Curriculum Authors

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Your customer support is the best and fastest. Program Director, Aldine ISD (TX)
After only a few weeks working with Summit K12, I have seen a wonderful change in my students' disposition towards reading. They are more eager to become independent learners. They are using the skills, not only in their ELA classes, but also in their other core classes. The information we gathered from the pretest allowed students to have a better picture of their growth. ~ ESL Specialist, McAdams/Kranz Junior High, Dickinson ISD (TX)

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